Why You Need a Moving Company After a Demolition Project

A licensed demolition professional in Los Angeles, CA knows that demolition projects can lead to a big mess very quickly. Rarely does a home or office demolition project stay tidy the entire way through. If you are currently in the middle of or just finished a demolition project, you may realize that you have a bunch of stuff that needs to get out of the way. Instead of doing the heavy lifting yourself or recruiting employees to join the project, you can hire a moving company that is fast and efficient about getting stuff out the door. Here we talk further about why it may be worth both your time and energy hiring moving professionals.

What to Do with Reusable Items

Amidst a demolition project, there may be items that are in good enough shape to reuse and shouldn’t be sent to the dumpster. The moving company you hire may be able to transfer items such as tables, chairs, desks, computers, and printers to a donation facility so someone else can benefit from you giving it away. You may also have a pile of old flooring, building materials, broken cement, and metals that you don’t know what to do with. Depending on the type of material, these may be salvageable. A moving company that has worked with people on demolition projects before will be able to inform you whether these materials should avoid the dump. 

Office/Commercial Demolition

If you work with a moving company during your demolition, they may suggest having them visit several times throughout the project so that you aren’t left with large piles and an even bigger mess to deal with at the end. Depending on the size of your office space, you may reach a standstill in your project where certain items and debris have to be removed before you can move forward. Services that a moving company may offer pertaining to commercial demolition include:

  • Breaking down and removing office cubicles
  • Removing and donating reusable office furniture
  • Demolition assistance for schools and colleges
  • Safely removing drywall and other building material
  • Retail demolition (stores and shopping centers)
  • Demolition services for government buildings

Home/Residential Demolition 

Many homeowners take pride in upgrading their house, whether that means ripping up old flooring, re-doing the bathroom, tearing down a wall between the living room and kitchen, or knocking down and then building a new outdoor separate garage. Whatever the project may entail, seeing an old and worn down area of a home become new and fresh, is often the very best part. The not so fun part, however, is figuring out what to do with piles of debris that have accumulated. A moving company that is familiar with demolition projects can probably help with: 

  • Demolishing an outdoor child’s playset
  • Recycling bathroom materials (including sinks, toilets, tile, etc)
  • Picking up yard debris such as wood, gravel, tree trimmings
  • Removing carpet and other flooring
  • Recycling large kitchen appliances (stoves, refrigerators)
  • Demolition of a back patio or deck area 
  • Removing outdoor furniture

Thanks to Nielsen Environmental for their insight into the demolition process.