In a world of continuously more complicated and sometimes contradictory medical advice and information, medical professionals are here to help. By sharing their experience, knowledge, and connecting you to trusted resources, wellness professionals can help you better manage your health. A team of healthcare providers can play an essential role in keeping you fit and fully engaged with your healthy life.

What Is Your Idea of Health?

Health is often defined as a state of complete emotional and physical wellness. Healthcare protocols and professionals exist to help individuals maintain this optimal state of health. Health can also refer to mental, and social well-being, and may be used as a foundation for living a full life. Absence of disease is only one part of it. Health also entails being able to recover and bounce back fully from illness and other challenges. Physical and mental health are the most commonly discussed kinds of health, although emotional health, spiritual health, financial health, and social health are also significant contributors to overall well-being. 

Physical Health

When physical health is present, an individual experiences bodily functions performing at peak levels. Physical health is not merely a lack of disease. Contributors to optimal physical health include:

  • Regular exercise and maintaining physical fitness
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Adequate rest 

Physical health can also be a preventative measure, helping to reduce the risk of injury or a health issue. When necessary, treatment from healthcare professionals is needed to maintain robust and balanced physical health.

Mental Health

Mental health refers to a combination of an individual’s emotional, social, and psychological well-being. Mental health is just as crucial as physical health to live a full, active life. Mental health is a bit harder to define than physical health. Often, an assessment of mental health depends on the person’s perception of their experience. Mental health is not merely the absence of anxiety, depression, another mental health disorder. Physical and mental health are typically linked with one another. If disease or illness affects a person’s ability to function enough to interfere with their daily activities, depression and stress may result. Wellness professionals understand that it is necessary to approach “health” in its entirety, rather than its different types.