Does a Dental Practice Really Need a PR Firm?

PR firms are often associated with large conglomerate corporations and movie stars. But does a dental practice really need one? You might be surprised at how much you could benefit from engaging a PR firm’s services if yours is a dental practice that wishes to expand its patient load. Just as your staff specializes in providing dental services, a PR firm specializes in interfacing between their clients and the general public. This may not sound difficult to do but it encompasses a myriad of services. A PR firm might write and submit press releases, arrange TV news interviews, and help clients promote special events. There are many options for promoting your dental practice within the community, and an established PR firm can guide you through the process.

Having a PR Firm on Standby in Case of Liability Claims

Whether or not your dental practice has already been the focus of a liability or a medical malpractice claim, there is always the possibility this can happen whether it’s a valid claim or not. It’s an unfortunate fact that simply being accused of wrongdoing can be perceived by the public as fact. It can cause concern among your current patients and dissuade new ones from contacting your office. For this reason, it’s important to be proactive in your response. A PR firm that works closely with your attorney can help manage a difficult situation before it escalates. Though the majority of injury claims are resolved out of court, even if there is not a public trial, your practice may feel as if it is being tried in the court of public opinion. A PR firm can help you find the right balance between protecting the reputation of your practice and not appearing overaggressive or like a bully in response to the disgruntled patient. They can also help you to manage the flow of information after the situation has been resolved. If there is a need to remedy the public’s misconceptions about the quality of care that your practice offers, a PR firm can help determine the best strategy to accomplish this.

A PR Firm can Help Your Dental Practice Gain New Patients

If you have placed newspaper ads in the past, you may have received a poor return on investment. This is likely because many consumers do not rely on print media anymore to help them make purchasing decisions. Social media is now a significant player when it comes to influencing consumers. A PR firm can help you attract new patients through social media. When satisfied patients who are followers of your social media accounts recommend your dental practice, it offers a greater impact than a static ad in a newspaper. As social media experts, a PR firm is also aware of ways in which to attract new followers and new patients as a result.

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Thank you to the experts at Goldman McCormick PR for their input on managing PR in medical malpractice.