Get Help for Common Relationship Issues

Couples Counseling

In relationships, one person’s happiness is not dependent upon the actions of their partner. In a relationship, an individual’s happiness is their own responsibility. It is crucial to keep in mind that we should consider our own happiness. When partners are happier as individuals, they often have a happier relationship.

Relationship problems are typical and routine events. If your partnership has troubling issues that can’t be resolved and moved past, a couples counselor can help. We can help you understand that many issues that arise in a relationship are extremely common and quite normal. Some of the most frequently-occurring relationship issues include:


This ‘meh’ feeling happens all the time. When you have been with your partner for a long time, the luster may seem to fade, and the “spark” and excitement that were once present is a distant memory. You are tired, bored, attention-deprived, and craving stimulation. To remedy this, some work needs to be done. Feel free to experiment with different things. Discover new hobbies together. Engage in conversations about interesting topics. Cook a new meal recipe together. These and a multitude of other things could all help the process. When you consistently work on your relationship and respond to each others’ needs, it will likely produce positive outcomes.

The Blues

Sometimes boredom turns into the blues if it is allowed to fester and build. Several factors contribute to depression. The signs and signals of depression can include behavioral factors such as sadness, lack of motivation, sleep changes, anxiety, anger, irritability, lower sex drive, and more. Blaming an imperfect relationship is not the answer. All relationships are imperfect. If symptoms of depression persist, it may be time to consider seeking treatment for depression. A happier relationship often starts with a happier you, so you may have to engage in self-care activities.

Dealing with Betrayal

While infidelity and sexual betrayal may be what you think of first when a relationship has issues, many other types of betrayal could harm a relationship, from financial deception to a lack of respect for the other’s privacy. While a misunderstanding of breach of confidence might be more easily resolved, professional intervention from a couples’ counselor may be helpful. More significant betrayal (like infidelity) may trigger the need for professional intervention. Couples counselors are trained in techniques and provide tools that allow partners to explore and open up to their emotions in a judgment-free setting.

While relationship problems are a common occurrence, some situations may require a safe, neutral space for couples to engage in counseling and therapy. If your relationship is in conflict, or you could merely use a little help addressing some common relationship issues, schedule a couples’ counseling session. You can learn more about the options for couples counseling in Reston, VA, from an established practice like Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. They will be able to answer questions on what therapeutic techniques might benefit your relationship so you can begin the healing process as soon as possible.